Burgundy? Me Please!


Burgundy can be described as the principal colour of choice in relation to high street inspired style. The colour is recurring through the primary collections of many brands in clothing, accessories and make-up and moreover is continually worn by 16-25 year olds.

Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan magazines have termed burgundy the colour of choice for the fall collection 2012. Marie Claire featured the contemporary styled colour with many top designers. While the colour was the favourite of fall 2012, the trend has not been altered massively and it is very much still in fashion. Its popularity can definitely be linked with its adaptability in style, flexibility with matching colours and its lack of rigidity throughout the season changes.


In men’s styling and culture burgundy has now become a staple necessity in the wardrobe of a chic guy. The modern flair has incorporated the ultra-popular chino trend; the colour is also evident among all types of men’s clothing and accessories.

The idea that the colour is not subject to specific seasonal colouring stereotypes permits burgundy to be worn all year long. Burgundy is easily matched for both the male and female form. The colour excellently conforms to match other fantastic colour to create any blend or any style to make any stylish look.

Burgundy can complement both dark and bright colours to prime any summer or winter look. In the world of men’s styling, burgundy chinos with a bright coloured tee and bright coloured shoes allows for a creative look to attract attention.

For an appealing summer style burgundy on top should be coordinated with plain and simple pants such as: sand or cream chinos. The application of dark colours and burgundy in the spring/summer season is unadventurous and makes style dreary with an overall lack of panache.

For a modish female appearance the collaboration of burgundy and gold is eye catching. Gold jewellery with any burgundy attire makes for a classy look. Boohoo.com and Asos.com have a nice variety of bandeau tops and crop tops which when put with bright yet not fluorescent clothes create a visually effective on-trend style.


While burgundy with dark colours is more in style, in summer months this style is lacklustre and unexciting.  Burgundy continues to be sold along the high street but for a striking flair the colour needs to be merchandised and styled correctly.


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