Pink Angel Ball 2013

The Maureen Lavery Pink Angel Ball will take place on Saturday May 18th in the Auburn Lodge Hotel, Ennis, Co. Clare. The glamour-filled event is in memory of the late Maureen Lavery who died in January 2012. Maureen’s friends and family created the ball because Maureen had a very strong belief in Angels and was a very spiritual person all her life.  They decided to organise ‘The Pink Angel Ball’ to keep her memory and spirit alive. Her memorial ball has become a community event too as local communities will benefit will the funds raised on the night.


Pink is a theme which evokes images of feminine and girlish qualities. The choice of colour connects to the personality of Maureen and the idea of dressing fabulously. While Pink is the colour of choice, Pink dress is not mandatory.  Last year, the Best Dressed Female wore a white hi-low chiffon dress from and the Best Dressed Male wore a grey suit complimented by a hot pink tie. When describing a Pink Ball, people assume that full pink attire is necessary. The committee have left the “pinkness” to the imaginative senses of the attendees.

For me, the idea of dressing up “pink-tie” has an almost provocative element which has enticed me for the second year in a row. The allure of excitement and fashion has invited the town of Ennis and beyond to join together and celebrate “pink-style”.


Dressing for a ball involves time, effort, sophistication and glamour. These characteristics combine with the fun factor of pink along with the excitement of a fabulous filled night for such a good cause and in memory of such a lovely woman. The ball is opportunity not just for her friends and family to remember her but also for someone like me to understand her personality and beliefs through the innovative guise of this extraordinary event.

The second annual Pink Angel Ball has been so positively received by shops and businesses around Ennis and Clare and has sparked a fantastic sense of anticipation and interest among the ball-goers and supporters. Personally, I have my outfit bought since early April and I am so eager to attend and be a part of something so unique and special.


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