How to be Metrosexual

Metrosexuality is a contemporary concept which has altered the perception of men’s appearance. Metrosexuality is a portmanteau term derived from metropolitan and heterosexuality.

The idea is result of changing grooming practices for men which involves, trendier clothing, modern hairstyles and broadening minds.  The fresh look is an outcome of urban and city lifestyles and allows men to keep up to date with present trends.

To be metrosexual involves feminising the masculine, in other words combining classic male style with a funkier slightly feminine edge. Designers began to use feminine trends in men’s styles, skinny jeans and bags have now become a staple necessity in men’s wardrobes.

Metrosexual men are continually portrayed in film and television and these men are consciously aware of their appearance and their overall perception.


Reality TV stars have completely changed the face of Metrosexuality. Shows like Geordie Shore, Jersey Shore, The Only Way is Essex and Made in Chelsea have changed public opinions of what metrosexuality is with a massive overhaul which has brought the 90’s notion into this decade.

Joey Essex, Mike “the situation” Sorrentino, Ollie Locke, Gaz Beadle, Mark Wright and Joel Corry have inspired the impressionable male ego. While these shows have been criticised for some of the things they represent they have definitely modernised how to be metrosexual.

They depict long hair, hair straighteners, quiffs, combovers, vest tops, earrings, fake tan and guyliner and now all of these trends have been adapted and are widely familiar.


The metrosexual concept is not just related to reality TV stars but also with recent sports stars. Sports stars in the 21st century are increasingly being conveyed as celebrities. Cristiano Ronaldo, Gavin Henson and David Beckham are promoted as fashion icons along with their sports reputations. named David Beckham the poster boy for Metrosexuality. Their endorsements and modern style have made names for themselves and have them more popular and well known and have created a brand image for themselves.


Metrosexuality is evident among students in varying degrees. To get the look skinny jeans, low cut tees and hi-top runners usually fit the bill.

The look has transformed by designers and forms of chinos, boots, satchels and cardigans are now in fashion. High street stores have started promoting this look and gearing clothing specially at the modern man interesting in appearance and grooming especially Topman.

Slim clothing has been introduced by stores, both pants and tops and slim fitted clothes are very much a metrosexual trend. Metrosexuality does not necessarily mean fake tan, chizzled abs, stereotypical combover, sand chinos and a white V-neck slim fitted tee, it is up to interpretation and personal style.


3 thoughts on “How to be Metrosexual

  1. A great metrosexual celeb is Ryan Seacrest. He knows how to dress and how to take care of himself. He gets hated on..but hey…when you make over 50 Million a yaer, people are gonna hate.

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