Linda Martin- Why Her?

Eurovision winner Linda Martin has made the headlines once more for her performance of Daft Punks hit ‘Get Lucky’ on The Saturday Night Show. Her performance comes only two weeks after a humiliating comment made about her at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Her headlines and these embarrassing comments raise the question whether she is still considered popular anymore and has her fame completely subsided?


The Eurovision Song Contest held last month in Malmo poked fun at the Irish singer. In a segment, the Swedish hosts admired Johnny Logan’s two Eurovision victories in 1980’s and then they proceeded to mock Linda Martin by suggesting she was a man in drag. The degradation of the former winner has led to us to question her ability and capacity as a singer and performer. If Europe has enough of Martin, should we be finished with her too?

Linda Martin is a much publicised Irish personality and widely known for her Eurovision involvement and for her adjudication on ‘You’re A Star’ and ‘Popstars’ in the early 2000’s.

She has also made headlines following her very public clash with fellow Irish singer Twink. Their argument arose and become public after their stint performing together in Menopause the Musical in an Irish tour.

Martin’s dull and facile performance on The Saturday Night Show has stirred criticism on social media such as: Facebook and Twitter.

On the show, she claimed the comments on the Eurovision did not affect her and she did not care. However, the performance of Daft Punks summer hit is an obvious attempt at her trying to be current.

Her market is not here and frankly is the public interested in her singing anymore?



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