Smile for us Victoria!

Victoria Beckham is most associated with her fabulous trademark pout; however images have been released of the fashion icon smiling profusely.

A fabulous picture of the British designer smiling has captivated the fashion and styling world. Victoria Beckham is renowned for her frozen yet charismatic face and signature pursed lips. The picture of her smiling so beautifully is extremely rare and slightly out of character for the remarkable Mrs. Beckham.

The picture was tweeted by her husband David Beckham earlier this week with the caption “See I told you she smiles”. Victoria has stated before that she stopped smiling when she got into fashion. The former Spice Girls singer is now renowned for her exquisite fashion line.

Vanity Fair magazine have questioned her motives for her smile and have suggested some humorous anecdotes. Whatever the reason for her smiling, she still has her trademark charisma which fascinates so many people.



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