Meggings… Legging for Men! Hit or Miss?

A pair of meggings caught my eye while shopping online on the Topman website. This new metrosexual accessory is possibly a step too far. Men’s style and fashion has most definitely become more contemporary and commercialised, but are leggings are slightly too feminine and are they pushing the boundaries of metrosexuality?


The modern trend is really starting to become global as Justin Bieber and Russell Brand have been spotted sporting these tight fitting garments. Stitch Leggings based in London are one of the biggest suppliers and designers of these leggings for men.

While meggings are very out there alright, they should not be condemned or harshly judged. Skinny jeans which are such an important staple of so many stylish conscious men (especially me) were once viewed negatively and were never expected to develop into such a phenomenon.

The jury is definitely out on this modern mans’ piece of attire.


images (1)


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