Tell Me About Your Style: Clare Hurlers


Clare hurlers are most recognizable in their saffron and blue attire but Seadna Morey and Podge Collins have given me an insight into their personal style and what they think of styling in general.


The average age of the Clare Senior Hurling team is only 23 and with grooming practices among young men becoming more common, it is not surprising that these modern talents take such an interest in their appearance.

Podge said he loves to shop in Burton and his trusted wardrobe staple is his wine cardigan from that shop. Burton creatively incorporates age old tailoring with a more contemporary take on casual wear.  The Cratloe man said he has no style icons. He prefers to just judge what looks good, he’s clearly not a fussy man then! Ennis shops don’t impress Collins and he claims there is a much better choice for women than there is for men and that there’s “nothing apart from (Patrick) Bourkes for lads really”.


Seadna expresses that Paul Galvin isn’t his style icon but rather Paul Kinnerk is (I’m guessing that’s an inside hurlers joke).  Chinos are his ultimate fashion must have. Chinos are a trend which have ram-raided the high streets and have become extremely popular. Chinos instantly dress up an outfit and are easy to match. Similar to Morey, Podge Collins also loves these modern trousers especially his “navy blue ones from Superdry

The high street shop River Island is a popular choice for 18-30 year olds male (including myself) and is also the favourite choice of Sixmilebridge man Morey.  He also reckons that the style in Ennis for men is “not too bad, it’s going a bit crazy lately but overall it’s acceptable”.




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