Excuse Me, May I Oversize my Order?

The most appealing must have trend for autumn/winter 2013 is simply “oversize”. The oversize look can complement the slim figured individual. The oversize look can augment and enhance a slim figure, only by using the correct accessories and following the right styles.

RSVP Magazine has already highlighted the rise of the new Kimono trend. This ultra-chic garment can be dressed up or down in casual, smart or sophisticated styles. What shoppers’ desire is to get as much use out of clothes as possible. This is to say, to be able to reinvent and reuse clothes in a simple and fashionable manner.


(Kimono featured on Boohoo.com)

Style conscious ladies have evolved and now share many of the same style habits as their male counterparts. The rise of the “boyfriend” collection has become absolutely massive. Boyfriend jeans, boyfriend jumpers and boyfriend shirts have filled the shelves of many of our beloved high street stores. The most amazing (and possibly sad) part is you don’t just have to borrow your boyfriends’ smelly clothes (well it’s optional). Zara, Asos.com, New Look and Littlewoods.com have extensive collections of boyfriend jeans. The jeans transform a woman’s appearance to reveal a slightly more masculine yet curvaceous exterior. The jeans are worn on the hip to enrich the rear end to entice anybody (the men).



To create the oversize/borrowed from your boyfriend look involves two key parts; the oversized part and the fitted part. The oversized top must be suitably matched with fitted shorts, cool leggings (perhaps print) and shoes which boast your posture. The rules still apply when it is the trousers which are loose fitting .They must be accompanied with a nice blouse and clever jewellery or perhaps crop top or bandeau. Two oversized items together portrays a very lazy and uninviting look. It renders a female as often unappealing as the figure is not improved rather your body becomes hidden.

The combined feminine and masculine persona can also be linked to the prominent rise of many female sports stars like Jessica Ennis. The “Sports Luxe” trend also creatively ensembles the male personality into the female style. Topshop and River Island in particular have displayed some exciting pieces. Marie Claire has featured many high end tracksuits from designers such as: Marc Jacobs, Chloe and Philip Rimand can set you back nearly €330 for tracksuit bottoms or trainers. The trend has emerged so vibrantly in the UK after a fantastic year of sport for the country in 2012.


I personally adore the oversized jumper and skinny jeans look. As a male, I can definitely say the look is easily transferrable between sexes.


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