5 Wardrobe Necessities for College Students Braving the Irish Winter:

  1. Warm Wooly Cardigan:

Cardigans for men are very on-trend. A cardigan can dress up a casual college outfit whilst keeping you warm at the same time. The most beneficial aspect to wearing a cardigan is the overall supreme comfort in which it provides. When investing in a cardigan it is best to pick a neutral colour such as: navy or grey, then your cardigan will go with everything.



The portmanteau term for a creation combining a hood and scarf has become popular over the past couple of years. If the last few winters are anything to go by, being warm is so important. Nobody wants to be sick and sniffily coming up the Christmas exams and no one want to miss out on amazing events like “Xmas Daze”. Similar to the cardigan, buying a neutral colour is best. Snoods should be found easily in the accessories section of any shop.


3.Good Shoes:

While plimsolls and espadrilles really sharpen the look of a casual outfit it is important to remember that these are summer shoes.  Buying a good pair of heavy shoes for the winter will benefit you in the long run. Boots and brogues are certainly the choice footwear this season.  Avoiding your staple pair of coloured converse or checked Vans may be difficult but walking to and from college in the cold you will need good shoes. Fashionbeans.com gives a great guide to appropriate footwear for the winter.



Chino are not a winter necessity, but they are definitely a college must have. I think must people with any sense of style are sick of seeing people wearing tracksuit bottoms everywhere they go. Like we get it, you made your county’s minor team but please take off the free gear they gave you! Chinos are also a hit with the opposite sex and making that little extra effort may get you a long way. Basic chino’s will only cost about €11 in Penney’s while they will set you back about €30/€40 in River Island, Topman or Burton.



If anybody owns a onesie then they will not need to be told twice to wear it during the winter months. My onesie was an absolute saviour to me during the horrible cold months while living in a cold house. The majority of high streets stores supply these and most stores currently have them in stock. Onesie’s come in a wide variety of colours, designs and styles. Boohoo.com and Next currently have a wide variety of these in stock. Boohoo’s collection start at £15 for basic going up to £30 for the most expensive.


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