Welcome back Downton Abbey!

The Emmy award winning series Downton Abbey returned to our screens on Sunday night. The British period drama threw up some interesting prospects for the rest of the series.


I was very disappointed at the absence of Siobhan Finneran who plays the feisty and opinionated lady’s maid Ms. O’Brien. Her character has been written off but the door is open for her return. The opening sequence has also unfortunately been changed.

The most intriguing part about the series is the role of Lady Mary played by Michelle Dockery and the role of Tom Branson played by Allen Leech. Both characters lost their spouses in such tragic and unfortunate circumstances in the last series Lady Mary and Branson are both trying to rebuild their respective lives as widow and widower alike while caring for their young infants.

The series will have a supreme focus on these two central characters and also how the estate of Downton Abbey will function and everyone’s roles in the estate.


The style has very much changed and the fashion has become more significant. This series is set in 1922 and the 1920’s is renowned for statement fashion. The women have begun to wear less clothing and their dressed are more colourful and daring. The 1920’s in which we are introduced to is also a portrayal of the changing times for women and how customs are beginning to be altered for the good.

Wide public speculation is also dictating that we are expected to see a new side to Lady Mary and we are to be introduced to the show’s first black character.

With one week down I can safely admit I cannot wait for next Sunday’s episode.


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