Hairstyling: The Side- Parting

Is the side parting the latest men’s hair styling must have?


I think that it is safe to say yes!!! Television show Downton Abbey and hit movie The Great Gatsby have definitely revived this form of men’s hairstyling.

Allen Leech of Downton Abbey and Leonardo DiCaprio wear the reinvented hairstyle with massive vigour and panache.

download leonardo-dicaprio-the-great-gatsby1

This trendy hairstyle is fast becoming popular among the 18-35 age groups.

Celebrities such as: David Beckham, Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber have been spotted sporting this wonderful hairstyle.

Maennerfrisuren_1_420x540 Maennerfrisuren_5_420x540 men-hairstyle-comb-overmens-hair-styles-with-side-parting-d3c0bkci

To master the side parting you must have short hair, it is of course a hairstyle for short haired guys. Don’t be afraid to have the parting shaved into your head either if it doesn’t come naturally!! Leave your hair long on top to give the style plenty of volume.


The side parting is an old fashioned hairstyle but in 2013 it has been giving a fabulous contemporary twist.

Happy Hairstyling!!!


One thought on “Hairstyling: The Side- Parting

  1. What a load of nonsense. Nothing is ‘given’ a contemporary style of anything – contemporary is a state of being. It’s just back in fashion!

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