Absolute appreciation of Laura Whitmore’s style

I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here Now! Presenter Laura Whitmore has fast become an extraordinary style sensation.


The young Irish television presenter has wowed the audience with her constant flow of contemporary chic attire.

Miss Whitmore presents herself in a cool, casual yet sophisticated manner whilst on our screens and at events.


Her wardrobe is a continuous montage of how girls aged in their 20’s should dress through her depiction elegance, style and panache.


The MTV star differs herself from similar female presenters of her own age because she cleverly combines the ultra-chic style which she possesses with an amazing rich taste in fashion.

On the screen she is perfect for young girls seeking a young style icon because she portrays a cool, confident and connected persona which differs from many young celebrities of the modern age who try to be unique by carrying out crazy stupid antics.


The bright summer colours in which she dawns reflect the summer months of the Australian jungle but are also quite refreshing for the TV viewer in the harsh Irish December months.

For me, Laura Whitmore is visually satisfying as her wide range of stylish combinations and funky ensembles warrant me to watch I’m a Celebrity Get Me out of Here Now! (and of course she is Irish)



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