Shauna Lindsay spills to me

I spoke to the currents Miss Limerick, Shauna Lindsay about her modelling career and her thoughts for the Limerick Voice Newspaper.


Miss Limerick, Shauna Lindsay has this week condemned Children’s beauty pageants and said that they are “not cool” and that she does not support them.

Miss Lindsay said that the children in the pageants are too young to fully understand what beauty actually about.

“I just don’t think children should be painting their faces with makeup, doing their hair, putting on fake lashes… They’re kids you know,” she added.

These comments come in light of modern American television shows such as: “Toddlers and Tiaras” and glamourizing and promoting beauty pageants aimed specifically at young children.


“And for them (the children) to feel like they have to look good is sick in my opinion,” Miss Lindsay said.

Shauna Lindsay was awarded the Miss Limerick title in May of this year and competed in Miss Ireland in August , she is currently a model with the Celia Holman Lee Modelling Agency.

The idea of Miss Limerick was to “pick someone who would represent Limerick the best”, according to the winner.

The current Miss Limerick said that modelling for Celia Holman has given her so much confidence, Ms Holman Lee is a strong woman who knows what she is talking about and she pushes you to the limit- she said.

“She realises you potential (and) she sees what you are and what you could achieve”, Miss Lindsay added.

Shauna has been told before that she resembles her mentor Celia – she feels flattered by this and privileged because believes that Celia is such a beautiful woman.

In the future, Shauna would love to continue modelling because she loves it and she gets such an amazing buzz and hopefully she would like to make a career on the West Coast of the United State in Los Angeles.

The current Miss Limerick also took part in the Limerick International Fashion & Design Festival in the Franciscan Church, Henry Street, Limerick as part of The Gathering 2013.


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