Finding that Amazing Winter Coat

Having a fashionable winter coat is something that has become renowned with elegant women but similar to many feminine trends in modern society, these winter coats are beginning to be worn by fashion conscious men.


It has been said “There is strong focus wool jackets which are military inspired as well as a move to a smart casual look.”

The winter coat exudes class, grace and sophistication and the right way to perfectly finish off on outfit this winter. Brown Thomas which is based across Ireland has a fantastic selection of designer coats. While on the high street, Zara has a fabulous selection of on-trend coats too.


The military style coat is hugely popular and hugely classy. The unique selling point of the military coat its buttons, the unmistakable feature of the coat excellently stands out when coupled with the dark contrasting colour of the coat itself.

Coats are an absolute necessity this time of the year and especially in this country because of the bleak Irish weather.

Chic winter coats have been and continue to be a wardrobe staple for women and now this trend is being greatly executed by men. The dark colours of navy, charcoal grey, black and ivy green perfectly portray the winter feel in a fabulous supplicated costume.


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