Some Valentines Tips

So Valentine’s Day is this Friday and most us we are spending it with our friends Ronald McDonald, Ben and Jerry and Bradley Cooper, but hold on what’s stopping us going out to find our Prince Charming or Cinderella?


On a first glance we instantly judge somebody on their appearance and a person’s style assists in standing out from the crowd. On Valentine’s Day it’s vital to embrace individualism to be noticeable and here is 4 clear ways to stand out from the crowd.

Colour is important to portray your individuality, we are now in the spring months and colour should be taking over our wardrobes. Colour immediately depicts charisma and allure to any onlooker. When you wear a colour right it instantly entices the eye and increases anybody’s chances of being chatted up.


Let your personality shine through your outfit, your chosen outfit is your unique opportunity to sell yourself and to channel your personality through the art of fashion. Be sure to always be yourself and your clothes should represent that.


Dress for your size and who you are, there is nothing more uninviting than somebody who is dressing to big or too small for their size. It is important to always be realistic when it comes to picking and executing an outfit. Irish people have a very unattractive habit of always dressing a size to big; dressing like this make you appear larger and often scruffy.

Be confident in what your wearing, there is no point making an effort to dress up and then being uncomfortable on a night out. It takes me ages to pick an outfit because being comfortable and feeling attractive is essential on any given night. This is where you should have a good friend to support you and to give any necessary constructive advice. This is can be your night, so show some passion as this will be reciprocated by any potential admirer.


Valentine’s Day is exciting and these tips in how to channel your personality and to be more confident though fashion should make for a fun filled night and give you a chance to shine.




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