Setting a blaze

The blazer has fast become the most “it” accessory when it comes to smart casual attire, this accessory has become a wardrobe staple for both fashion conscious men and women over the past year.


A blazer simply acts as a finishing touch to any outfit to make it dressier and it give the outfit that chic look. describes the blazer as a “style-defining, character-hinting garment.”

Zara has a fantastic range of blazers in all colours, styles and fabrics, I myself have become susceptible to the overwhelming allure and flair of Zara blazers.

images (1)

In Ennis, Patrick Bourke’s Menswear has a fantastic stock of blazers from the brands Bugatti and Remus.

The style, structure and colour palette of men’s blazers vary from pastel, tweed, plaid and plain varieties and the form differs from one buttoned to two buttoned.

images (2)

The banal colours of navy, black, grey and beige are long gone and blazers are now associated with an explosion of colour.

images (4)

A blazer is a simple way to express your individuality and style without have to make too much effort or having to break the bank on overpriced designer clothing.

images (3)
The wide assortment of styles and variations available means that each type of man has something which will no doubt suit their personality and sense of style.

A blazer will suit the golfer, the teacher, the nightclub goer and the chic guy looking to woo the opposite sex.

Boxer Kenny Egan is often wearing blazers while commentating on RTE while the character of Nolan Ross on the TV show Revenge is always dressed in the most fashionable blazer.


For me, a blazer is the connecting factor in a smart casual or dressy outfit and it acts as the gloss on an outfit to determine a polished product.


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