St. Patrick’s Day Style at Patrick Bourkes Menswear

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching and is the perfect excuse to dress up smartly.

Patrick Bourkes Menswear in Ennis and Kilrush have the perfect solution to any fashion needs for our national holiday.

Paddy’s weekend is perfect opportunity to dress nicely and to entice the opposite sex.

Superdry is a hugely modern brand which is available in store.


Investing in a jacket is a must in Ireland, the weather is so temperamental here and in most instances bringing a jacket on a night out is a necessity.

When bringing a jacket on a night out in Ennis do not forget the €2 nightclub charge in the Queens.

Superdry is one of the trendiest brands for the 16-40 age group.

 Superdry Jackets

The jacket pictured includes the green writing for those patriotic men out there.

The Superdry jackets have almost become an advertisement for the company and their popularity continues to massively grow.

The unique factor of any Superdry jacket is how it easily matches with the rest of the brands collection, the jacket does not stand out from the outfit rather is blends with a shirt and jumper to become one complete outfit.


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