has fast become one of the trendiest online shopping websites for both men and women.

Boohoo promotes itself as having 24/7 style and they say that they launch at least 100 new styles on their website every day!


This relatively new clothing website is a one stop shop for men’s clothing, women’s clothing, shoes and accessories.

The easy access, cheap prices and fast delivery times are some of the primary reasons that shoppers have started to choose the online site.


It is their chic and modern television advertisements which have caught my eye, with ultra-modern music, a selection of their latest styles and the most alluring of models.

Their advertisements always finish with the websites signature catch phrase, a feminine whisper of the websites name “”


I think the women’s section has far more too offer than the men’s, the men’s section is very plain and is really only starting to develop.

Saying that, I have purchased a few stylish tops and tees from the website all at extremely reasonable prices.

Boohoo also offers a celebrity look book, this shows trendy celebs on the red carpet and gives you a quick and easy guide in how to recreate these looks using clothes from the  Boohoo website.


For the all the students out there or anyone with any access to a student card, Boohoo offers a handsome discount 10% off every order!!

As with most online shopping destinations, special offers are always recurring such as: large discounts, free shipping and other promotional incentives.

The website always follows the latest seasonal trends and always carefully caters for the needs of the shopper which is a great change from some high street stores.


Unfortunately for any slim fitting man out there like myself, Boohoo do not offer their men’s clothing in the XS size on every style and it is rare to find items XS on their website.

A word of warning before you buy, be careful because often the quality of the material may not be the standard you are used to from a high street store.


The returns policy is also absolutely fantastic, if something doesn’t fit or is not what you wanted just pop it back into the bag with the free returns label and you will be refunded within 14 days.

Boohoo is a fantastic site for some shopping when you can’t see anything on the high street, when money is a little tight or to follow some of the latest trends.



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