Candy and Cocktails Evening (Lancome and Rochford’s Pharmacy)

Last Tuesday March 25 I attempted the Cocktails & Candy Evening in the Cloister Bar and Restaurant in Ennis.

The event was organised by Rochford’s Pharmacy on Parnell Street in Ennis and was hosted by the owners Brendan and Audrey Rochford.


There was amazing air of glamour that one wouldn’t usually be used to on a Tuesday evening in the town of Ennis.

Marc Sinclair Lancôme UK’s Elite Make Up Artist was the nights special guest and he gave great tips and tricks of the trade in how to keep your skin healthy and how to get your make up to last longer.


  1. Prepare your skin:
  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • Serum
  • Moisturiser

(Did you know that face wipes only remove 40% of the dirt of your face!)


  1. Primer

This removes any redness and blocked pores and protects against ageing.


  1.  Foundation

Start on your jawline and out it nowhere near your eyes

  1. Concealer

Always a shade LIGHTER than your foundation

  1. Bronzer/Blusher
  2. Eyes
  • Eye Shadow
  • Mascara
  • Eye Liner


  1. Eyebrows

Always use a brush

  1. Lipstick


Marc said that if somebody tells you your make-up looks lovely it is an insult! They should tell you your skin looks lovely.


The event was a fantastic success for the Lancôme brand and for Rochford’s Pharmacy.

I really enjoyed the night as it really gave me a chance of enjoy two of my favourite things marshmallows and cocktails!!!! (I really love sweet things)


And I even left with some nice Lancôme goodies.

A huge big thank you to Audrey, Brendan and Laura for the invitation.



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