Heaven scent, A guide to men’s fragrances.

It is really important for a man to smell nice, either for self-confidence or to offer to an air of attraction. Here’s a simple list of some crowd pleasers and a couple of my personal favourites.


  1. Abercrombie & Fitch:

The flagship scent of the American lifestyle brand is the “Fierce” cologne. This smell can only be described as sexy. This scent is pumped out through the vents of all the Abercrombie & Fitch stores and is also sprayed on all the clothing. This scent is so appealing and is really renowned among a younger generation. It is a fantastic scent to begin with and is nice, fresh and funky. I have never worn “Fierce” without getting a compliment. If you like “Fierce” then try “Colden” too, another incredible cologne. It is available in Abercrombie & Fitch in Dublin or through their website Abercrombie.com


  1. Paco Rabanne 1 Million:

This is another alluring and tempting scent.  The modern aftershave comes packaged in a magnificent contemporary gold metal spray bottle. “1 Million” is a youthful cologne and is probably  the most popular from the Paco Rabanne brand. This is available in McLoughlin’s Pharmacy in Dunnes or Boots. A 100ml bottle of 1 Million will cost about €75.



  1. Emporio Armani:

Emporio Armani is another fantastic classic scent. This perfume is one that always be on trend and is available in Cassidy’s Pharmacy or Boots in Ennis. Emporio Armani is a sort of an “old reliable,” there is nothing contemporary about it but you still can’t knock it either. It’s very much an old stock favourite but still an unbelievable crowd pleaser. The cost of a bottle of this would be about €55 for 50ml.



  1. Bleu de Chanel

As with EVERYTHING Chanel, it is just flawless. “Bleu de Chanel” is a classy, elegant, fresh and masculine fragrance. This versatile and long lasting aftershave is quite strong and is most suitable for a more mature man. The citrusy aroma is remarkable and is a sure to make you standout out from the crowd.  It comes in at about €60 for a 50ml bottle and can be purchased in Boots in Ennis.



  1. Prada Luna Rossa

Prada… need I really say anymore. This is an aromatic fragrance that has gained huge popularity. It is very much an intense cologne but still has amazing fresh qualities.  The Perfume Shop said it is: “Inspired by the values of the highest level of sailing, the men’s fragrance from Prada is based on a commitment to excellence.”  A 100ml bottle of “Luna Rossa” will set you back about €75.




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