Bridget wins AGAIN!

Bridget Haren of the Altamoda Hair Salon in Ennis represented Ireland at the World Hairdressing Championships in Frankfurt, Germany earlier this month.

Her supreme creative abilities secured her an overall 4th place in the “Ladies full fashion look” category.


The World Championships is the pinnacle of the Hairdressing Industry and our very own Bridget is one of 12 hairstylists from all over Ireland that form the IHF Team Ireland that competed in the Ladies Fashion Hairdressing categories in Frankfurt Germany on 3rd to the 5th of May.

It was a massive honour for Bridget to have been selected as part of the team and it is an even bigger honour to have a world champion hairdresser in the town of Ennis.

The event saw 52 countries from across the globe compete against each other in many different tests and trials to get the honour of being a world hairdressing champion.

 bridget b M 21 (2)

Bridget’s success is renowned both locally and nationally and that’s what sets her aside from the stiff competition that is the hairdressing industry.

Bridget has competed previously in Paris and Milan at International and European level and this was her third time competing at the World Hairdressing Championships.

The organisers of Team Ireland Hairdressing said: “She is an important part of the jigsaw that makes up Team Ireland and has always been part of our winning teams which have had great success in the past few years…have won over 130 gold, silver and bronze medals and several trophies and overall titles.”

Bridget’s AMAZING hair salon is located in Woodquay in Ennis and it is absolutely fantastic to such a talent on our doorsteps here in Ennis.


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