For the majority of Irish girls (freckle faced, pale skinned, even red haired) fake tan has become an absolute necessity the majority of the time.

Everyone wants to achieve that “natural glow” from fake tan, so here are 5 tanning products on the Irish market.



  1. Karora:


This is a developing tan, that means that it takes a while for the colour to actually show up and for this particular tan it takes about 8 hours to show, so be sure to apply the night before. This is also a great base tan for layering. It is available in Cassidy’s Pharmacy in Ennis and the price ranges from about €16.99-€26.99.


  1. Bronz’ Express:


Be careful with this tan because it is pure liquid so it can be quite messy, but so worth it!! Super natural, with a super easy application- and its instant! (It also works great with Karora as a base) It is available in Murty O’Connell’s Pharmacy from €14.99.




  1. Wow Brown:


This tan is slightly pricier but the results are amazing! It is super long lasting and it is fragrances so you won’t smell like you belong at an Irish dancing competition! It is also used by most beauticians for spray tans and can be purchased online on the Wow Brown website with prices starting from €20 up.



  1. Fake Bake:

This is another tan slightly on the pricey side but a fantastic build up tan. It takes about 8 hours to develop and once you wash if off and re-apply (as many times as you wish) the results are beyond natural. It is available in Boots with prices starting at about €25.


  1. Cocoa  Brown:

Cocoa Brown is definitely one of the most commonly used and loved brands of tan. The brand was created by Irish entrepreneur Marissa Carter, so it is great to support our own. It has become so popular because of the excellent results when applied correctly and the price is easy on the wallet. However, it’s not great for layering with other tans, but once you’ve done your prep correctly the application should be perfect. It is available in Penney’s stores and other pharmacy’s nationwide and an absolute steal at €5 upwards.


Always remember to exfoliate and moisturise before and after using fake tan, especially your knees and elbows to ensure to look more tantastic than tango’d! Happy Tanning!

Thanks to Miss Ashling Murphy for her expert tanning tips.


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