So rumour has it that America’s biggest power couple “Kimye” have arrived in Ireland for their honeymoon. Not only have they chosen Ireland as their honeymoon destination, they’ve chosen the picturesque South-West region.

Kimye (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West) got married in Florence, Italy on Saturday May 24 and seemingly flew into Cork to continue their wedding celebrations last Sunday.

Rumours have been spreading like absolute wildfire over their stay here Ireland and it has been said they’ve spent their time between Cork, Limerick and Portlaoise.


It has been reported that the honeymoon has cost the couple €45,000 in their first four days staying in Ireland so clearly the couple haven’t been just eating in Supermacs and shopping in Penney’s have they?

So far the couple are said to have split their honeymoon stay in Ireland between two romantic yet lavish castle estates in Limerick County and Laois.

The couples stay is being watched very closely by Kim and Kanye fans and has caused mass hysteria on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter as well as the national print media.

Kim and Kanye have never really shied away from the public light before, but chose Ireland as the destination for some privacy and seclusion, absolutely boring if you ask me…. We want to know what’s happening!!

So far we have not been treated to any pics of them around Ireland, no Cliffs of Moher selfie or no pictures at the Blarney Stone. However, an apparent picture does show them leaving a cinema in Portlaoise.

For those of you out there who are completely unfamiliar with the global brand that has become Kimye, Kim Kardashian shot to fame after a leaked sex tape incident and she has ultimately become a global celeb due to her part in the reality TV show “Keeping up with the Kardashians,” which follows her and her family around.

Her husband Kanye West is a renowned Grammy award winning rapper infamous for storming the stage during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech at the 2009’s MTV Video Music Awards. Kim and Kanye also have one child North West who incidentally turns one next month.

The couple are expected to leave Ireland on Saturday morning so they have plenty of time to visit what Clare has to offer and to maybe have a night out in Ennis, perhaps they might go to Stock Exchange in the Queens Nightclub in Ennis on Thursday night?


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