Manbags anyone??

I got an amazing Ted Baker mustard satchel with chocolate brown straps for my 21st birthday last week so I decided to review just how popular bags for men or “manbags” have actually become.

The manbag really came into the public eye when Rachel dressed Joey with one in the American sitcom Friends in the early 2000’s. Since we first saw this accessory on our screen it has become a staple item for the metrosexual or fashionable business man.


A recent fashion survey discovered that some 50% of us men are now in possession of a manbag and 11% of us even use them to make fashion statements, just like women do, the survey said.

Bags have now become a necessity for the modern man and are a simple way to make a fashion statement. Bags are needed to hold laptops, tablets, iPads, work files and books and these can now all be carried in a stylish and sophisticated manner.


Tote: This two handled bag is most commonly used by women, the popularity of this bag is its effectiveness in storing and protecting your items. This bag is not usually worn by the business executive types but more by the fashion conscious male just trying to make a fashion statement.

Satchel: A bag for the young metrosexual bag. These bags are the most common form of bag used by men. The long strap goes over your shoulder and can be worn at your side or across your torso.  This bag is often used by the businessy guy too and is available in a wide variety of designs and styles

Messenger bag: Not too different from a satchel, this is a fashionable yet functional manbag. This type of bag is worn over the shoulder and again is very efficient in carrying books for college and for catering to most of your needs.

Clutch: Clutch bags are more renowned with fashionable twenty something ladies sipping cocktails but this type bag is the new ultra-modern accessories for the fashion forward guy and has been modelled by the top designers in the global fashion weeks over the past couple of years.

Many fashion forward male celebs have been pictured sporting various types of manbags by the paparazzi including: Joey Essex, Mark Wright, Cristiano Ronaldo, Olly Murs, David Beckham, Darren Kennedy and members of One Direction.

All of these types of bags can be found in most high street shops such as: River Island, Topman, Zara, Burton, Primark/Penny’s and New Look while the more chic designer labels can be found in Brown Thomas, Debenhams and House of Fraser.

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