Choosing those summer shoes

Nice summer shoes are usually an essential part of a summer wardrobe, and now with the sun out in Ireland… They are a wardrobe MUST HAVE.

Some of you may be lucky enough to be escaping to the hot sandy beaches of France, Portugal, Spain or Italy and you never know the sun may make an appearance for an hour or two again on some Tuesday in mid-July so here is a quick guide to some modern summer footwear for men.

Espadrilles: These shoes are very light on the feet and really can only be worn in extremely fine weather, one walk in a puddle and these shoes are gone! As with most summer footwear you do not wear socks with not even ankle socks. These provide the perfect finish to a casual outfit to the beach or for a leisurely day time lunch by the sea. These shoes are extremely cheap and should only set you back €10 in New Look or River Island.


Plimsolls: A very modern casual shoe that isn’t just for summer. These type of shoes have become supremely popular with the 16-30 age group over the past 5 years and the popularity is continuously expanding into all age brackets. Plimsolls are easy to find in all menswear shops and are always very inexpensive. Vans, Converse and Toms are some of the most popular shoes brands that specialise in this type of footwear. Converse are available in Patrick Bourke Menswear Ennis and Kilrush and up to size 8 in Shoe Rack in Ennis.


mens summer shoes 2


Flip-Flops: Flip flops and sandals are the most common type of summer footwear and also they act as an escape for the working man or a relief for the sporty guy. DO NOT be lured into a false sense of security and be tempted to wear socks with your sandals, this is a massive fashion faux-pas and a huge life no-no. Flip Flops should be easy to find in any good store and brands are constantly modernising flip flops to make them more appealing and fashionable.

mens summer shoes


When looking for holiday shoes do not bypass Penny’s as they always have a vast colourful selection of modern styles.

At this stage you will be using any opportunity to wear summer shoes with the horrendous weather we are getting so far… But don’t be put off buying them,  be prepared because the sun will get here eventually there is nothing worse than a lovely summer outfit finished off with massive bulky shoes so treat yourself to a funky summer pair just in case.


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