I LOVE my Ziaja Products

I have been trying Ziaja skincare products for the past three weeks and they have been an absolute dream on my skin!!

The soothing day cream and creamy wash gel are made especially for those of us who are cursed with sensitive skin and all of the products are hypo-allergenic, fragrance free and with 0% mineral oil, silicon and parabens. 

I used the creamy wash gel in the shower and it has given my skin a real cleansing feel after every shower, after my shower I put on the soothing day cream which has given my skin a lovely glow.

The best part of the soothing day cream is that it dries in almost instantly so that you do not have to wait to put on your clothes or hop into bed.

The products are also extremely easy on the pocket at €6.99 and €4.99 each, which is unbelievable for skincare products.

I cannot wait to try the rest of the sensitive skin range!! 

2014-06-19 15.33.41



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