What’s hot? Pastel Colours

The pastel colour palette has been quite popular over the last number of years but for SS14 pastel is extremely on-trend, the beauty of pastel colours is they work superbly in the summer time as our wardrobes move away from the darker colour palettes.


Pastel colours are a cute look for a fashionable woman and a modish and urbane look for the trendy male.

pastel 2


Pastel colours are fantastic because you can play with a variety of different colour combinations, but because oof the lighter tones, it’s a lot easier to get right.


Pastel colours are also a clever way to wear bright colours such as yellow, orange and pink without looking fluorescent and like a highlighter pen, the more common pastel colours that are usually worn include lilac, mint green, baby pink, oxford blue, peach and lemon.


Wearing pastel in simple, the light tone makes it easy to wear and easy to match and it is completely versatile so will work with almost everything in your wardrobe and is appropriate for the most casual to the most dressy of looks.

pastel 1

The modernized colours are elegant and can be worn to the office, to brunch, a funky night out or just for a relaxing day out with friends.


Wearing that mint green pencil skirt to the office, clutching that chic peach purse to town, pulling off that powder blue blazer to the nightclub or having fun in the lemon maxi all the pastel palette are creative and fun.

pastel 3


There are definitely some benefits to wearing pastel colours:

  1. You get that summery look in a quick, easy and efficient way.
  2. Pastel colours are timeless and never go out of style.
  3. Pastel colours are NOT limited to the summer months and are also a good way to brighten up a winter look.
  4. You can wear your pastel all year round.
  5. They are versatile so will work with whatever look you are going for.
  6. You will easily stand out from the crowd (in a positive way)
  7. The softer colours are easy on paler skin types.
  8. Easy to pair with any other colours so will match easily with most of your wardrobe.
  9. Work as a bold or subtle look and easily connect to bold or subtle looks.
  10. You really can’t go wrong so it’s always a safe choice.

There are fantastic sections especially for pastel clothing on online clothing sites such as Boohoo and Missguided and this summer they can be found in any good clothes shop around the county of Clare.


pastel 4




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