What are the top 4 trends/fads in Ireland so far this year?

Brand new trends and fads emerge on the fashion scene each year, these trends are followed by large crowds but are long forgotten about the following year.

“A fad is any form of behaviour that develops among a large population and is collectively followed enthusiastically for a period of time, generally as a result of the behaviour being perceived as popular by one’s peers or being deemed “cool” by social media.”

Here are four of the more popular and successful trends and fads that have hit Ireland for men and women so far this year.

  1. Michael Kors Bags:

This trend developed before Christmas with eager twenty something’s being delivered their MK bag on Christmas day but the trend has grown rapidly since then and has become as equally popular if not more popular than the “Guess handbag” trend of the late 2000’s. Michael Kors opened its first Irish store in Dundrum Town Centre just before Christmas. A Michael Kors bag would normally set you back about €250-€400 in Brown Thomas nationwide. Equally as popular as the handbag collection is the watch collection for both men and women.



  1. Alex and Ani Bracelets:


Alex and Ani is a contemporary jewellery brand which has hit Ireland with a bang, the brand which is completely inexpensive is overtly modern with an elegant feel. It is the chic charm bracelet which has become so popular with Irish girls and it is easy to see why. Alex and Ani is available in Ennis in Seodín on O’Connell Street.  A typical bracelet would be around €20-€40 depending on the style and detail.

 alex ani

  1. Havaiana Flip Flops:

Another growing trend in Ireland, Haviana’s are the “it” flip flop when it comes to designer footwear. A pair of these flip flops are typically between €30 and €50. However are they really worth it when we get such bad weather here in Ireland?

images (1)hav

  1. David Beckham Collection

The David Beckham Bodywear collection in H&M is really starting to grow. Everything touched by the Beckham family instantly succeeds but this collection is worthy of its popularity. The collection is all comfortable loungewear, something to change into after a long day and includes boxers, briefs, t-shirts, sweatpants and long johns.



A word of warning with popular trends, as trends grow so does the number of people wearing them so trends do not exactly depict individuality so be creative with your clothes and accessories to always stand out from the crowd.

AND you will always have that “fashion forward” girl/boy who had that trend before you did and will always remind you of it too!!


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