Getting Festival Ready

We are well into ‘Festival Season 2014’, with Longitude and Castlepalooza already over and only 2 weeks to go to until the festival highlight of Electric Picnic things are really heating up.

Fashion can be a bit of a disaster (slight understatement) at festivals and anyone who has ever been to Oxegen will remember the smell of mud and grass that didn’t leave them for days but there are simple solutions to every problem and creative buying and clever packing will have you sorted for whatever any festival throws at you this year.

festival.jpg crowd

All you need are a sturdy pair of chic wellies, a nice raincoat, a big, massive, huge hat, a case full of toiletries and a fab pair of sunnies and you are all set.

  1. Wellies: Really an essential part of any festival weekend. Wellies have become overtly modernised over the past number of seasons and it has nearly become trendy for a female to own her own pair of pastel coloured or floral print wellies. You WILL NOT survive any festival without a good pair of wellies! They are always available in Penneys for half nothing or if you’re looking for a real nice expensive pair try the Hunter brand which are available in Venture Out in Ennis.


  1. Raincoat: Again really just an integral part of going outdoors in Ireland, I really don’t need to explain why you will need a raincoat going to a festival.


  1. Hat: Not really essential but can perfectly finish off an outfit and give you that modern chic festival look that has become so common over the years.


  1. Toiletries: Going to any festival you need to think carefully about what toiletries that you will bring. Face wipes and dry shampoo are an absolute must have and will keep you as fresh as possible without showering and washing your hair. Panadol, motilium and sun cream are some more handy items to throw into your backpack, things like those always come in handy.
  2. Sunnies: Sunglasses are rarely used to keep the sun out of your eyes in Ireland but similar to the hat are key to achieving that chic festival look. Don’t go bringing your fabulous €150 Ray-bans though …if you’re anything like me then chances are you’ll lose them in your first hour there.


Festivals are a fantastic opportunity to have fun with your style without having to break the bank.


They are a simple way to explore a look you’ve always wanted to try and with the diversity that goes with festivals you will never look out of place.

 caroline flack


Celebs Fearne Cotton and Caroline Flack always looks amazing in their festival gear.



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