SS14 Mens Trends

Year on year trends change as one look or style becomes more popular than another, this season the on-trend looks for men have become more daring or more out there.


Colour blocking, print blazers and floral print have become quite popular for the male fashionistas of the world.

Colour blocking involves wearing a full ensemble of two colours. This look is simple to create and master because of the availability of diverse colours throughout the spring and summer months. The wide choice of colours means that you are free to choose to wear what you want and what suits you. Colour blocking is an innovative way to use the clothes in your wardrobe, maybe something you haven’t worn in a bit and can be used in a casual or formal look. Colour blocking is a trend that IS NOT just limited to men and to be honest is a trend started by women.

Print Blazers have become extremely popular this year among the 17-23 age group. Blazers became the “it” item for trendy guys last year and high street shops Zara, River Island and Topman have amazing selections of blazers in all styles. This season print blazers have taken over and have dominated the dressy casual look. Similar to colour blocking you have to match the print item with a plain item, print blazer with a plain pants. Two prints items together will look messy and would be extremely hard to pull off. Print blazers are perfect for that dressy casual event like a birthday, show or anniversary.

Floral Print has become massively popular for both men and women but has become readily available for men in recent times. Before the rise of metrosexuality any self-respecting man would not dare to wear any floral print item but now they are all over the high street.  Designers like Gucci and brands like Ted Baker have magnified the floral print and presented it in a chic and masculine manner to fashion sure men. Floral print works with a statement floral print piece like a shirt, trousers or jacket but is as equally effective with a dash of floral with a tie, braces or dickie bow.


With any print clothing it is imperative that you only use one print per outfit or you will really look ridiculous to put it bluntly! It takes a certain amount of panache to pull off two prints and not become overkill.


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