The Role of a Best Man

The role of the best man at a wedding is hugely important and not many of the guests know how much time and energy this specially chosen individual puts into the wedding.

Believe it or not, the best man does actually do more than read a speech after dinner and organise the stag party.


The best man has full responsibility for how the groom turns out the day, he is the ultimate supervisor to how the grooms looks on the day from his hair, suit and shoes and if anything is out of place the bride WILL notice.

The duties of the best man also extend to paying the entertainment, i.e the band or DJ, making sure the guests are enjoying themselves and collecting gifts and envelopes from the wedding guests and keeping them in a safe place.

The stag party is a massive part of the best man’s list of duties and responsibilities and possibly the best man’s favourite part too…..

58042_10151829359478275_1017107909_n - Copy

Eastern Europe, Scotland, Newcastle, Liverpool, Kilkenny and Carrick-on-Shannon seem to be the modern destinations of choice for men on the hunt for a good stag do.

Be warned on the stag that the groom may not be want to tied up and abused by a stripper then he again he might.. Think of what the groom wants to do NOT what you want to do.

The speech is the pivotal part of the role of a best man, the best man is chosen because of his close relationship to the groom and the bride and therefore should have plenty of stories to divulge about the happy couple.

The speech is the biggest potential banana skin on the day of the wedding and either makes or breaks the best man.

The speech should always play homage to the bride and groom and should compliment the couple not insult, embarrass or offend them and you have to think of your mixed audience of all ages who may not want to hear that he cheated on her once upon a time, or she vomited outside a nightclub or anything that should realistically not be said or heard in public.


All in all, the best man’s job is to make the whole wedding experience seamless for the bride and groom and not just on the day but also in the weeks and months beforehand.

Tradition does also specify that the best man and the chief bridesmaid can get to “know each other” a little bit and you never know she might catch the bouquet and it could be you in two years time.

*pictured is me when I was a groomsman in 2012, pictures from Louise Brooks Photography


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