Getting Dressed in College: Some Tips for Guys!

Dressing for college can often be laborious and frustrating especially if you are running late for a 9am lecture but fret no more there are a number of essentials that will help you get through the college year.

These college wardrobe must-haves will make you stand out in college AND will also work on a night out in your college town.

1.Chic Cardigan:

Cardigans are hugely popular for men and can instantly smarten up a casual college look. The most beneficial aspect to wearing a cardigan is the overall supreme comfort and warmth which it provides and that it a necessity in an Irish winter. When picking a cardigan it is best to pick a neutral colour such as: navy, black or grey. A cardigan always works well over a pair of jeans or chinos.


2.Slick Shoes:

Shoes always complete an outfit and while plimsolls and espadrilles really sharpen the look of a casual outfit it is important to remember that these are summer shoes.  Boots and brogues are certainly choice footwear this for autumn/winter season and will be a nice addition to any day or night time outfit.

ted baker shoes

  1. Cool Chinos:

Chino’s are not a winter necessity, but they are definitely a college must have for guys. Anybody with any style conscious is sick of seeing people wearing tracksuit bottoms and jerseys everywhere they go. Like we get it, you made your county’s minor team but please take off the free gear they gave you!

Chinos are also a hit with the opposite sex and making that little extra effort may get you a long way in a night out in Angel Lane, Carbon or Horan’s. Basic chinos will only cost about €12 in Penney’s while they will set you back about €30/€40 on the high street.


  1. Comfortable Onesie:

While these might not be the most fashion forward or items they still are a must have for college. College accommodation is notorious for being so cold during the winter and if anybody owns a onesie then they will not need to be told twice to wear it during the winter months. Onesie’s  are very easy to come by on the high street and are available come in a wide variety of colours, designs and styles.

onesie men

Honourable mentions also go to having some good headgear i.e. a hat and also a nice scarf, these will make to make the walk to college less harsh and more bearable.


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