Getting your Clothes Altered

If your sizing is weird (like mine) or if you have an odd body shape getting clothes to fit you right can be an absolute nightmare.

We all know the horrible feeling of buying clothes and then bringing them home and they just don’t fit!! This feeling is quite annoying and you just end up not wearing the clothes in the end.

Alterations 2

Jeans either fit you on the waist but are too short on the leg, shirts fit your neck but look like a tent on your body or tops fit your torso but look ridiculous on your arms or vice versa.

The easy solution to sorting out these problems is to get your clothes altered to fit your size and your body exactly, however alterations sometimes prove to be expensive jobs but fear no more, alterations have never been as simple and inexpensive to carry out.

Some high street shops and online retailers do not carry smaller sizes such as XS or XXS or larger sizes like XXL so having to get clothes altered is just a reality that you have to face.

Sometimes it is easy to get turned off getting your clothes altered because of the lack of changing room’s in store or small enclosed spaces that you have to get fitted in.

Nationwide alterations company The Zip Yard is in Salthouse Lane, Ennis and is the ideal spot to get your clothes altered. The Zip Yard has dressing rooms that make the most high end store jealous and the shop ample space to pacify any claustrophobic notions.


The specialist alterations company reward their customers with various offers and promotions including “3 for 2” and “10 percent off” deals.

Using specialist alternations companies like The Zip Yard is also ideal for getting your clothes remodelled so that you can update your wardrobe and bring your clothes that you have refused to part with over the years into the 21st century.

Getting your clothes altered is also the best solution for sorting out wardrobe problems when you are gaining or losing weight.

Penney’s and Boohoo are notorious for their inconsistent sizing and Topshop are infamous for their tiny sizes.

With Boohoo being exclusively online trying the clothes on before you buy them is not exactly an option.

Don’t let sizes and fitting be a turn off when buying clothes!


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