Autumn/Winter Trend: Winter Coats

As the months of the year push on and we officially enter in to the winter season we must alter our wardrobes accordingly and having a fierce and fashionable winter coat is definitely the number one priority.

Wearing a stylish winter coat is something that has become renowned with elegant women, a winter coat exudes class, grace and sophistication and is the perfect way to perfectly finish off on outfit this winter

Winter Coat Zara

Similar to many modern feminine fashion trends in the modern day, they are been adapted the modern day male fashionistas. Contemporary winter coats are beginning to be worn by fashion conscious men and winter coats for men is massive growing trend.

The harsh cold Irish winters warrant layers and dressing warmly and a wearing a winter coat is a way to dress appropriately and look chic all at the same time.

Cornucopia in the market, Ennis have an extensive collection of French Collection autumn/winter wear which are to die for.

While on the high street, Zara is your one stop shop this season, they have a fabulous selection of super on-trend coats and jackets for both men and women.


Winter coats are really and investment as the shape and styles rarely go out of fashion. If you spend big on your coat you will get the wear over a number of years. For business men and women it is the perfect addition to a suit or formal look and it is the flawless chic finish for a smart casual look.

The military style coat has been popular since Cheryl Cole brought it to our attention in a music video a few years ago, the look is quite different and unique but still hugely fashionable.

The unique selling point of the military coat it the buttons and the unmistakable detail, these distinctive features of the coat make it stand out when coupled with the contrasting colour of the coat itself.

As we enter into the month of October, coats become an absolute necessity because this time of the year gets quite cold with our bleak and dreary Irish weather.

2014-02-14 17.38.16

The dark colours of navy, charcoal grey, black and ivy green perfectly portray the winter feel in a fabulous supplicated costume.

Chic winter coats have been and continue to be a wardrobe staple for women but in the modern time, this widespread trend is being greatly copied and executed by men.


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