What do you need in your wardrobe this winter?

If last week was anything to go by then we are in for a very harsh winter. Dressing for the cold weather can be very difficult and the first step with stocking up your wardrobe with the right things.

All of these winter essentials can be worn by both men and women and are just handy and practical to have in your wardrobe.

  1. Scarf- An accessory that can be worn by both men and women. A scarf is both practical and fashionable. A very effective way to keep out the cold and keep your neck warm as we try to avoid nasty cold and flu which viciously circulate this time of year. Wearing a scarf is also an excellent way to finish off an outfit to give it a sharp look.


  1. Hat- Really a necessity in the cold weather, hats either goes one way or the other and can sometimes look absolutely terrible. The right hat can really make a difference in the winter months and can set off a look and make you look uber stylish. Dunnes Stores and Penneys always have fantastic selections of scarves or if you want finish off a formal outfit don’t forget to check out our local milliners Sinead Madden and Brid O’Driscoll.


  1. Winter Coat- Hugely fashionable this season for trendy males and females, I can’t stress how much winter coats have taken our wardrobes by storm. A nice winter coat will be your best friend this time of the year and the styles and colours rarely go out of fashion. The ideal addition to any look to give it that extra edge or appeal.


  1. Boots- Boots will keep your feet warm this winter and will still help you to stay elegant and sophisticated. High street stores River Island and Topshop have extensive shoe collections in store and online at all very reasonable prices. While Uggs may be the comfortable choice for ladies this winter they may not the most classy and on-trend footwear choice. Boots are perfect to dress up that casual winter look.


  1. Gloves- Gloves are the obvious choice for keeping your fingers and hands warm in the bitter morning cold. In a more formal way, gloves have really become popular after the 1920’s revival sparked by the success of Downton Abbey and The Great Gatsby. Woolly gloves are also a must have, not exactly fashionable but will keep the cold out.



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