Strictly Come Dancing Ballyea GAA vs The Building of Hope

I was so thrilled to be apart of this fantastic event!! As it was my first time judging an event like this I really didn’t know what to expect but I was blown away by the energy from all 11 couples.

Nigel Bridge, Joe Nelyon and Eileen Spellissy joined me on the judging panel with Syl O’Connor as compare and the standard of dancing was just amazing.

Strictly Come Dancing

Sparks Hip Hop Dance School got the ball rolling when they opened the event and they really showed everyone how its done (not that I’m biased or anything).

Strictly Come Dancing

The judging panel was not easily swayed and the elusive “10” mark was not given out easily!

In the end Joan and Johnny Brown, Therese Mungovan and Pa Wilson and Erika Maloney and Stephen Miller were announced as the three finalists.

After a three minute coin dash Joan and Johnny Brown were announced as the overall winners!

Major credit has to go to the organiser Claire Liddy for her tremendous hard work.

On the night I wore a tweed blazer, white mao collared shirt, red spray on skinny chinos and brown shoes.

Strictly Come Dancing





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