My Style: Ciara Revins Clare FM

I loved to chatting to Clare FM’s Ciara Revins as she filled me in on her wedding, wardrobe tips, style advice and she even opened up her handbag to give me a sneak peek.

We also have mutual shared love for “picnic blanket” scarves!

mystyle ciara

What item in your wardrobe would you wear over and over again?

I nice cardigan or a scarf! I love scarves, I have one at the moment and it is absolutely huge, it almost looks like a picnic blanket. When you have to be up at 5am, it is just an essential because you can just bundle yourself up in it. I couldn’t be without it during the cold mornings.

Who is your ultimate celeb style icon?

She may dress older for her age but I really think that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton always nails it. She is just so elegant and timeless and she is starting to get a little more daring with those hemlines. I think she is stunning.

For the full interview with Ciara, check out the March issue of RSVP Magazine


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