Mother’s Day with Evanne Ni Chuilinn

I was very lucky to interview the wonderful Evanne Ni Chuilinn.. Best know for her sports reporting on RTE, Evanne opened up about mothers day traditions and her current pregnancy.



So you just announced your pregnancy news on The Late Late Show, how did that feel? Were you nervous telling the public?

Not at all, I was so excited to shout the good news at whoever would listen to me!

As a mother, mother’s day must have a very special meaning for you now?

Absolutely.  It changed for me in 2012, a couple of weeks before Séimí was born.  I was still very sick with morning sickness, and had fallen and hurt my hip, so I was bed bound.  Brian sent me a card with a lovely message saying that baby couldn’t wait for hugs from mammy.  It was lovely.

Has Seimi ever given you any funny gifts?

Not yet!

How was mother’s day for you growing up?

It was a day to make breakfast in bed for my Mam, and Dad made sure we did all the chores – even more so than usual!

As a child did you ever do anything special for your mum?

I don’t recall anything in particular, but I was pretty nifty with arts and crafts and always made homemade cards instead of giving in to hallmark!

Do you remember giving your mother any funny cards or homemade presents when you were a child?

I do remember giving her a glass bowl of coloured pebbles thinking they were the most beautiful things I had ever seen.  To this day they are still displayed in pride of place!  My Mam would appreciate anything if it came from any of us.

Have you any plans for Mother’s Day this year?

Mother’s Day is and should be like any other day and I will spend it with my family, and be glad of it.

What is your most stand out mother/daughter moment?

Introducing my Mam to my son was very very special and meeting my birth mother Mary for the first time was a big moment too.

For a present are you a flowers or chocolates gal?

Chocolates, no question.

Would you prefer to go out for dinner or have dinner at home on mother’s day?

Dinner at home with Brian and Séimí, where I don’t have to cook or wash up!


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