Yaaaaaaay!! It’s the weekend already…. The gorgeous Mr Ireland, Karl Bowe has told us all about his weekend routine and has chatted about dates, food and working out.


Friday evening I always go to the gym and it is a routine that I always stick to. Saturday morning, I would normally take it handy and watch Soccer AM, I watch it religiously every single week. I am a very bad sleeper so I am always awake early so I am always up in time to watch it at 10am.

Saturday afternoon I would usually head to the gym again and then if I have a show on I would start to get ready for that. If I am modelling or presenting then I could be in a variety of different places but if I had a Saturday off then I would head out to town for a couple of drinks.

I go to mass every Sunday morning and then in the afternoon I would visit my grandmother. She only lives just around the corner from so I would call over whenever I get a chance. I would definitely have a Sunday roast, potatoes, meat, veg, the full works really!

I love to take it handy then on a Sunday evening.

karl bowe 4


TV Show: Any hidden camera show like Trigger Happy TV. I love the golden oldies like Father Ted, Only Fools and Horses and Fawlty Towers too.

Dinner: Chicken Curry, particular a Chinese one, it is definitely my cheat meal!

Restaurant: Fire Restaurant on Dawson Street, Dublin, just beside the Mansion house.

Chocolate snack: I love Kit Kats, I love anything with a crunch.

Guilty Pleasure: Listening to cheesy 90’s pop songs such as “Mysterious Girl” by Peter Andre and “Slam Dunk da Funk” by 5ive.

Karl Bowe


Your ideal date… My ideal date would probably be a girl called Rachel Simmons who I met on Take me Out and she is based in London. If I was to pick somebody famous, I would pick Jennifer Lopez because I have had a crush on her since I was a child and she still has “it” these days.

Ideally, it would be a meal for two on a beach with a candlelight dinner and the stars shining down.

Your favourite spot to visit in Ireland… I would say Wicklow, I love Wicklow and I think it is a beautiful place and my family used to have a holiday home down there. We used to go down there every summer and there is something very peaceful about the area.

The best workout/gym advice you have ever been given… Eat less and work out more.

Kieran Harnett


Tea or coffee? Tea

City break or beach holiday? Beach holiday

Comedy or thriller? Comedy

Late party night or night in front of the fire? Night in front of the fire, I’m not much of a party animal.


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