My Style: Classic Hits 4FM’s Suzanne Kane

As one of the most vibrant voices on Irish radio, Classic Hits 4FM’s Suzanne Kane talks maternity style, holidays and music with RSVP this month. The young, fresh and music-loving presenter, who often pops up on TV3’s Midday too, also chats to us about her four-month-old baby boy Oisín, why she loves the comfort of a pair of Uggs, and how she pulled off her pre and post-baby wardrobe!


Congratulations on your little baby boy Suzanne! How old is he now?

Thanks so much. Oisin is four months old now. He was born on November 24th and he was two and a half weeks early. I finished work in 4FM at 1pm and my waters broke at 11pm that night. As a typical man however, he started the job and then decided that he was done. Nothing happened over the weekend so I was induced on the Sunday. Then he was born at 5.30am!

How did you find dressing during your pregnancy?

I found maternity clothes very difficult to get. I had four pairs of good H&M jeans and then I just bought bigger sizes in everything else that I wore. I was lucky because I didn’t look super pregnant until about 30 weeks onwards. I was still wearing size 10 tops all though the pregnancy and the biggest size I had to buy was a size 14 dress. I stuck to high street shopping mainly, so I shopped in H&M, Zara and Penneys.


Do you feel pressure to get back into shape since having Oisin?

I get really frustrated with people putting pictures of their tummy on Facebook because everybody loses weight at their own pace. We should all stick together and admit that it is hard and be thankful for a pair of spanx. I go for a walk everyday but the walk is purely for my mind because you have to get out and get some air and Oisin needs it too. I’m not exercise mad but walking is important. I am lucky because I actually only put on about three stone throughout my pregnancy and I have lost two stone so far.

Have you any holidays planned this year?

Yes, I have two holidays planned. In June, my husband, Oisin and I are going away for our first family holiday to Alvor in Portugal. We go there pretty much every summer and last year I was pregnant when I went so this year I’m putting on my big brave pants and we are bringing Oisin! My mam is celebrating a big birthday this year so myself, my mam and my brothers are going to New York for four days in September. My Mam has never been to New York so I’m so excited to bring her and we haven’t had a family holiday together in about 20 years.

If you didn’t work in Radio, what would your alternative career be?

I always had a thing in my head about being a nurse or a midwife. In reality, I am not good with blood and I am too soft. If not nursing then it would be psychology and that is something that I might go back and do in the future.


You’re a familiar voice on Classic Hits 4FM, what is your favourite musical era?

Definitely the 90’s! I was an 80’s kid and I was just coming into my own. I started to work in radio when I was 14 in 1994 so I absolutely love all the big 90’s tunes. I’m not a huge fan of the 70’s but who doesn’t love a power ballad from the 80’s? But the 90’s stands out for me with the cheesy dance tunes. If it’s cheesy, nine times out of ten I’m going to love it! You can’t beat a bit of 5ive, if I was being cool I would say Moby but I am willing to listen to everything and I just love a bit of cheese.

How would you describe your own style?

I would say at the moment my style is schizophrenic. Before I was pregnant my style was very clear and I liked to look smart. I liked the tailored look, I loved to wear colours and I would always keep myself looking as groomed as possible. Now I like a nice pair of trackies, some trainers and a nice top to go out walking with the buggy. I love Uggs and I know people are totally against them but I won’t have a bad word said about them because they are a little piece of heaven. When I am going out on a night out, my style would be very dressy. Last weekend I wore the most unbelievable dress from Cari’s Closet. It was full of sequins, sheer on one side and it took my breath away.


What would your ideal night out be?

I would get dressed up with a nice pair of jeans and heels with the right accessories. A lovely night out for me would be a nice meal and to sit down with Joey, have a chat and enjoy each other’s company. I would also love a full night’s sleep and not have to get up and do a feed!

Are you disciplined when it comes to food?

I think a little bit of everything in moderation. I love a Chinese take away or an Indian at the weekend but I would always make a home cooked dinner during the week.

What is your favourite thing in your wardrobe?

Definitely a really good pair of jeans, I would always spend money on jeans. Now that the 70’s style is back in fashion, boot cut jeans are back in style and most women can pull it off. A pair of boot cut jeans, heels and a top is the perfect outfit for going out. My jeans are always my “go to” and now that I have had my baby, the next thing is to go and get myself a new pair of jeans!


If you were heading on a shopping spree, where would you go?

Dundrum, it is just so close to me and it has pretty much everything that you are looking for. I love Kildare Village because you can get some lovely little pieces but Dundrum is handy because you have your splurge shops and your sale shops all in the one place.

Do you love dressing Oisin? Will you be taking style inspiration from Prince George?

I love Kate Middleton’s style and Prince George always looks so cute. The only thing is, Oisin could have a really cute outfit on and before he’s even off the changing table, he’s had a spit up and I’ve to change him. I love the dungarees and rompers George wears, I got Oisín’s christening romper in ‘Jacadi’ and I love their baby clothes. Honestly though, the main thing really is comfort for Oisín and also that they wash well – what have I become? I’m a connoisseur of which baby-grows wash best!

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