How to contour like a pro

The contour craze began when Kim Kardashian posted a picture on Twitter on how her personal make-up artist uses concealers to highlight and define her renowned facial features.

Contouring your face can make your nose appear thinner, your forehead smaller and dramatically define your cheekbones.


There are two ways to contour, with concealers or powders:

With concealers you need one that is two shades lighter than your foundation and one that’s two shades darker.  The lighter one is used to highlight the face while the darker one is for definition.

To execute this you will need to invest in a good blending brush., unfortunately these cannot be found in Ennis.


My personal favourite is the Blankcanvas Cosmetics “F26 mini flat buffer brush” which retails at only €10.99 from

The blending of the concealers is the most essential part of the process so take your time!

For beginners the Crownbrush contour pallet is a bargain as it has ten shades of concealers and retails at €21.24 from

For the application, first apply your moisturizer, primer or BBcream as a base and using the concealers apply in the same manner as the illustrated in the pictorial. (You might feel like a clown at first but trust me when done properly it pays off!)


The next step is to blend blend blend!

For the best results use a light coverage foundation, the concealers alone give you great coverage so a heavyweight foundation will only mask all the work you’ve done so far.

After setting it off with your finishing powder you can move on to eyes, lips and blush.

Finish off with a light brush of a bronzer where you applied the darker concealer and a highlighter on the lighter areas, but always remember that less is more!

For a day to day look I would recommend only using a bronzer and highlighter over your foundation.

My favourite bronzer is from Isadora which you can easily find in most pharmacies, I get mine from C+F Pharmacy located in Market Place, Ennis.


I’ve tried a few highlighters but my favourite has to be “illuminated” from Urbandecay, uou can this from Debenhams in Limerick or Galway on online too.

It takes practice to get the contouring technique right as each face is different but don’t give up and always remember practice makes perfect.


Unfortunately not all of these make-up products are available in Ennis but many of the pharmacies in Ennis do have fantastic cosmetic selections including: Rochfords, McLoughlins and Cassidy’s

All these AMAZING make-up tips are courtesy of the fantastic Sarah Dinan based in Mirror Mirror in Ennis.


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