About Me


I am a MA Journalism graduate from the University of Limerick and an English and Geography BA (Hons) graduate from the National University of Ireland Galway in the West of Ireland.

I am currently part of the editorial team and on an online journalist in RSVP Website.

I have range of fashion journalism experience including being a featured style and fashion columnist with the Clare People Newspaper “mykeystyle”, contributor to campus.ie, writer for the Sin newspaper in NUI Galway and contributor to An Focal in the University of Limerick.

mystylemykey aims to provide an intuitive perspective on fashion and style, a broad view on entertainment and culture and as well as an open insight into my life and events.

I have a great interest in music, dance, culture, modern literature, fashion, theatre, clothing and style which combine to create my creative and enthusiastic personality.


Awards and Nominations:

Mercedes Benz Cork Fashion Week, Style Blogger Finalist 2014.

Inaugural Mr Ennis contest winner 2012.

WINNER Social and Personal Next Top Blogger 2013

RSVP/Oasis Style Blogger Finalist 2013

Blog Award 2014 Longlist Nominee


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