Ted Baker

Ted Baker has been one of the most successful brands to hit Irish shops for men and women.

This British based brand has now become extremely popular and has led to a massive trend in purses and dresses for women and underwear, accessories and general attire for men.


The Ted Baker brand has become supremely popular among a wide age group of males and females but mainly among the 18-35 age category.

Make-up bags, wallets, bags, purses, phone covers, men’s underwear and general attire are the primary sellers for the chic brand.

The Irish fashion and styling market is flooded with a vast amount of wholesale brands but Ted Baker’s distinct patterns and reputable quality are really what set this brand away from the others.


The array of colour, imaginative designs and distinctive prints are the primary allure for fashionable potential buyers.

I personally love the wide selection of accessories on offer for men such as their wallets, underwear and bags while I adore bright colour palette and pastel look of the purses and make-up bags for the ladies.


The wide variety of prints and designs which can be found on the majority of the Ted Baker menswear collection can be easily described as “out there” or “daring” and are certainly not to the taste of every Irish man.

Over the past year, I have become a huge fan and advocator of the brand and I am a regular frequenter to their website.

In Ennis, Willow on O’Connell Street has a fabulous selection of Ted Baker dresses, purses and accessories for women.

Unfortunately Ted Baker is not available for men anywhere in Clare but is available in Brown Thomas, Arnotts, House of Fraser, TK Maxx and the Ted Baker stores in Kildare Village and Grafton Street, Dublin or online at tedbaker.com


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