Review: The Zip Yard

Getting clothes to fit me exactly right is an absolute NIGHTMARE so getting my clothes altered is just something that I am used to doing.

the zip yard

The Zip Yard have been my saviour!!! The Zip Yard is a nationwide company and has a branch in Salthouse Lane in Ennis.

They altered 2 blazers from by taking them in, a pair of River Island chinos and a polo shirt from again taking them in.

2014-09-15 16.36.21

I also gave them two shirts which I never wear anymore and they completely remodelled them for me.

The two blazers are from Boohoo, and they don’t carry the XS size, they weren’t overly big on me but they completely lacked any shape or structure. They were taken in an inch on either side and now they are perfect for me.

The leg on the chinos fitted lovely but the waist was too big and the t-shirt was just completely loose on me.

The navy and white American Eagle shirt was chopped and changed to give it a brand now look while the grey New Look shirt had too much of a very young vibe so some detail and the hood were removed making it more modern and up to date.

white and check

What I loved about getting these items altered was how professional the whole experience was. There were spacious changing rooms to try the clothes on and the seamstress pinned the sized perfectly.


Check out their blog here:


2 thoughts on “Review: The Zip Yard

  1. Hi Mikie,
    As the owner of The Zip Yard Ennis I am delighted to read of your satisfaction with the service we strive to deliver in the store. Niamh & her team work very hard to ensure all customers experience the very best in service and quality of work that we can offer and it’s our number 1 objective to deliver at all times. I’m delighted you are happy with our work and thank you for taking the time to comment on it. This helps us to continually critique what we are delivering to customers so the feedback is very important for us. We look forward to seeing you many more times in the store and continue to deliver to you the high standard lof service that you have experienced. Regards Richard Collins.

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